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Common Southern Oregon Pests

Poisonous Pests

black widow spider
Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

Commonly found in dark, quiet places like in the garages or storage sheds, around wood piles, doorways, under home siding, around foundation vents in the crawl space and in thick shrubs.

Hobo or Aggressive House Spider
Hobo Spider

Hobo or Aggressive House Spider

Similar to the Brown Recluse Spider, the hobo is a member of the Funnel Spider family.   Watch for hobos around doorways, windows and corners of homes, and in evergreen shrubs around the home.

Wood Destroying Pests

Carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ant
Powder Post Beetle
Powder Post Beetle

Termites, Carpenter Ants and Bees, Powder Post Beetles and Dry Rot

Wood-destroying insects can cause significant and expensive damage if they are not controlled.

In Oregon there are many pests that feed on or damage wood.

Subterranean Termites and newly arriving Formosa Termites, about 8 varieties of Carpenter Ants,  about 6 types of of Powder Post Beetles and Carpenter Bees.

Dry Rot and Black and White Mildew is also included in this wood-destroying category.

Preventative treatment or a speedy response can keep a small infestation from becoming a big problem.

Biting Insects & Scorpions

Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jacket

Many Types of Flying Biting Insects

Flying biting insects commonly found in Southern Oregon include Bees, Ground and Paper Hornets, Black Bald face Hornets,  Yellow Hornets, Blue and Yellow Jackets Wasps, Mud Dauber Wasps  

Pacific Tick

Lime Ticks, Cat & Dog Fleas, Deer Fleas

Ticks and Fleas are not only a nuisance but can pose a health hazard to your family and, especially, your pets.  


Black or Rock Scorpions

Look out for scorpions around rock and concrete retaining walls, under decorative rocks and paving stones and around rock fountains.  

Nuisance Pests


These annoying but not dangerous pests are found in Oregon: about 4 varieties of Sweet Ants, 4 varieties of Cockroaches, several varieties of Spiders not in on the poison list, Earwigs, Silverfish, Beetles, Crickets, Bed Bugs. Mediterranean Moths, and Meal Moths are seasonal pests that fly in.  

Animal Pests


Mice, Rats, moles, gophers, and woodland animals like the possum, racoon, wild cats, skunks are all commonly found in Oregon and can become pests when they invade your home or yard.

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